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Purple Fountains Weeping Beech

Grows 6' wide by 12' tall

You can see how Purple Fountains got its name. Its burgundy foilage gracefully weeps down. A great Speciman for a focal point or on the corner of a house.



Tricolor Beech

Grows 20' Wide by 30' Tall

Few other trees can brag the variegation that this tree has. A great smaller tree for a focal point. The tricolor beech is a slow grower and usually stays smaller than 20'.


Fagus Tricolor Beech

Dura Heat River Birch

Grows 40' Tall by 25' Wide

A favorite new variety that has whiter bark than the older birches. It is resistant to the birch borer and very heat and drought tolerant. Its branching gives it a full yet compact appearance. Beautiful Yellow fall color.




Kwanzan Japanese Cherry

Grows 30' Tall by 25' Wide

Introduce from Japan in the 1940's this tree still deserves attention. It's large clusters of double pink flowers cover the whole tree in the Spring time. Then in the fall, it gets a yellow/orange color.


Prunus Kwanzan3

Pink Weeping Cherry

Grows 25' Tall by 25' Wide

A graceful form makes this one of the best weeping cherries. This tree can be kept trimmed to about 10', but left alone will grow up to 25'. Leaves turn to orange in the fall.


Prunus Pink Weeping

Japanese Maple

Yoshino Cherry

Grows 30' Tall by 25' Wide

This tree has been made famous by its blossom display in Washington, D.C. It has one of the best habits of all cherries. Foliages turns a yellow/orange in the fall.


Prunus Yoshino8


Cherokee Princess Dogwood

Grows 20' Tall by 15' Wide

An improved version of the original white dogwood, Cherokee Princess flowers heavier than other varieties. Pure white flowers cover the tree in the Spring. In the Fall, the leaves turn a beautiful red.


Cherokee Princess Dogwood

Milky Way Kousa Dogwood

Grows 20' Tall by 20' Wide

One of the best Kousa Dogwoods. Kousa Dogwoods bloom in June instead of Spring. Their flower petals are more pointy and last longer. Flowers are followed by a small red fruit in the fall.



Little Lime

Native Pink Dogwood

Grows 20' Tall by 15' Wide

An old time favorite for a good reason. This is the native tree that is scattered through our forests. Loads of pink flowers in the Spring. In the fall, the leaves turn a beautiful red.


Native Pink Dogwood

Acer Bloodgood

Grows 12-18' Tall by 12' Wide

The standard by which other Japanese Maples are judged. Bloodgood is very heat & drought tolerant. It holds its burgundy color all summer, which is better than other varieties. Great as a specimen or on the corner of a house.


Acer Bloodgood3


Eastern Redbud

Grows 20-25' Tall by 20' Wide

The native redbud in the Eastern half of US. Rosy Pink flowers cover the stems each Spring. Eastern Redbud performs well in the shade of a larger tree, which makes it great for naturallizing the edge of a woods. The clump form of this tree tends to stay slightly smaller and is perfect as a specimen or a focal point. Leaves turn yellow in the Fall.


Forest Pansy Redbud


Rising Sun Redbud

Grows 12' Tall by 15' Wide

A great new plant introduction! Lovely magenta flowers in the Spring are followed with Orangey yellow foliage. Planting in the full sun will help draw out more color. This variety stays smaller than the native Eastern Redbud. Fall color is yellow.

Rising Sun Redbud

Forest Pansy Redbud

Grows 20' Tall by 20' Wide

Highly prized for its burgundy foliage, Forest Pansy add interest to any garden. Delicate magenta rose flowers appear before the foliage. The new growth is exceptionally glossy. In the Fall, the leaves turn yellow.


Ruby Falls Redbud


Weeping Willow Tree

Grows 50' Tall by 45' Wide

What looks better beside a creek than a Weeping Willow? A fast growing shade tree that has been valued for years, the graceful weeping habit of this tree will complement any large space.



Autumn Blaze Maple

Grows 50' Tall by 40' Wide

A popular & proven performer, Autumn Blaze combines the drought tolerance of the silver maple with the fall color of the red maple. It has exceptionally bright orange/red fall color that lasts longer than other varieties. A fast growing yet durable shade tree. Nearly seedless.


Red Pointe Maple

Grows 45' Tall by 30' Wide

A newer variety that is a real standout. Brilliant Red fall color combined with a broad pyramidal form make this tree a beauty. It has a dominate central leader which naturally makes a strong, straight tree. It is seedless. We see this variety as replacing  Red Sunset & Sun Valley.



Clevland Select Pear

Grows 35' Tall by 15' Wide

A huge improvement in flowering pear trees! The tight pyramidal shape of Cleveland Select does not break up in the snow and ice like older varieties. White flowers in the spring are followed by glossy green foliage. Exceptional red fall color that rivals some Red Maples! Cleveland Select is disease resistant.

Pyrus Clevland4

Double Play Pink


Attracts Butterflies


Double Play Pink


Midnight Wine


Attracts Butterflies


Midnight Wine

My Monet


Attracts Butterflies


Midnight Wine

Spilled Wine


Attracts Butterflies


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Prunus Snow Fountains

Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry

Grows 10' Tall by 7' Wide

The most compact of all flowering cherry trees, Snow Fountains fits in tight places. Perfect for the corner of your house or as a focal point in a flower bed. Cascades of pure white flowers in the Spring. Leaves turn to yellow/orange in the fall.


Acer Autumn Blaze Acer Red Pointe Cercis Eastern Redbud.png

Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud

Grows 7' Tall by 8' Wide

Elegant & graceful, weeping & compact this mini tree is a great feature plant in the garden. Rosy magenta flowers in the Spring are followed with burgundy foliage giving this tree an all-season beauty.


Lavender Twist 2

Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud

Grows 7' Tall by 8' Wide

We feel that the first of the weeping redbuds is still the best. A gracefully weeping habit that is small enough to fit about anywhere. Magenta flowers are followed by heart shaped leaves. Yellow fall color.


What is better than a big shade tree on a hot summer day? We have a nice selection of shade trees: Maples, Oaks, & Poplar. But trees are used for more than just shade. We have lots of flowering & ornamental trees. From a mid size flowering cherry, to the miniature weeping redbud, we're sure to have something to fit you space.

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