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Shrubbery selection is what we started our business. From the popular brands like Knockout Roses to specimen centerpieces, we are sure to have something to brighten your garden. We are constantly testing new and improved varieties. We grow our own Colorchoice Proven Winner shrubbery (the leading brand of new plants). This allows us to have the new varieties quicker. In addition to our large retail area, we have over a dozen greenhouses that we use for growing shrubbery and for a holding area for more quantity.


Are you getting a landscaper to plant your shrubbery? Come choose the specimen shrubbery you want planted. We will tag and hold them for you until your landscaper is ready to plant them.


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To make it easier to browse our selection, we divided it into categories.

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Here are some of the brands we carry:

Knockout Roses 1 Encore Azalea PW Symbol slowmound Royal Candless Autumn Frost 2 Karl Foerster 2