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Blue Beard

Beyond Midnight





Lil’ Miss Sunshine



Butterfly Bush (Dwarf Varieties)

Pink Micro Chip

Grows 2.5' Tall


Pink Micro_2

Hydrangea (Mophead)

Blue Jangles

Grows 2' Tall & Wide

Our most compact reblooming hydrangea. Noted for its exceptional blue flowers, it can be changed to pink as well. A strong rebloomer!


Hydrangea (Panicle) (Dwarf Varieties)


Grows 3' Tall & Wide

The smallest Panicle Hydrangea ever! But don't under-rate it. This little fellow has loads of flower power! Does not flop.


Little Lime

Grows 4' Tall & Wide

Little Lime is only 1/3 the size of the popular Limelight, but with the same lovely white flowers. Its flowers finish a soft pink. We've noticed Little Lime to rebloom.

Lilac (Dwarf Varieties)

Bloomerang Dark Purple

Grows 4-5' Tall

Why enjoy your lilac only once a year? Get one that blooms twice! Its higly fragrant flowers bloom in Spring and again in Summer until frost.



Double Red Knockout

Grows 3-4' tall & Wide

The favorite rose in the knockout family, Double Red combines rich red color with disease resistance.



Double knockout Double knockout pink Sunny Knock out


Double Play Big Bang

Grows 3' Tall & Wide

The foliage of this Spirea starts out with orange. Then in May, it gets Huge pink flowers. After the flowers are trimmed off, it will turn to a bright yellow foliage all through the summer.

Double Play Big Bang

Double Play Gold

Grows 2' Tall & Wide

The smallest variety of Spirea but with alot of punch. Birght gold foliage all season long with pink flowers in May. This compact beauty requires very little pruning.


Double Play Gold

Double Play Pink

Grows 3' Tall & Wide

Dark red foliage in the Spring that brings loads of rich, pink flowers in May. Double play Pink is the most prolific bloomer!


Double Play Pink


Midnight Wine

Grows 18" Tall by 24" Wide

A gorgeous burgundy Weigela for small gardens. Soft Pink flowers complement the burgundy foliage nicely in May. This Weigela is so miniature that it requires almost zero pruning.


My Monet (1)

Spilled Wine

Grows 3' Tall & Wide

A mid-size Weigela that makes an excellent foundation plant. Spilled Wine has the best burgundy color of any weigela we've ever seen!


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Small Flowering Shrubs

W Encore Empress W Encore Sangria W Encore Sunburst W Encore Twist Encore Azalea

The first (and we feel the best) reblooming Azalea. Finally, we have an evergreen plant that provides lots of color. Unlike traditional Azaleas, Encores like full sun. They are also more disease resistant. We divided them into 2 groups with 4 colors in each, based on their mature size.

Azaleas (Encore)


Grows 2.5'-3' Tall


Grows 2.5'-3' Tall


Grows 4' Tall


Grows 4' Tall


Grows 4' Tall

Azaleas (Traditional)

Have shade? Then, you'll still want the traditional Azaleas. Loads of flowers each Spring. They keep their leaves all year.

Traditional Pink

Grows 3-4' Tall

Delaware White

Grows 3-4' Tall

Girard Fuchsia

Grows 3-4' Tall

NEW! Don't have enough room for a big butterfly bush? You'll have room for these mini varieties! Sturdy & compact, but they don't sacrifice on the blooms. Loads of Large flowers all summer. Butterfly Magnet!

Little Quick Fire

Grows 4' Tall & Wide

A miniature version of Quickfire, with the same early bloom time. Flowers start out white, then pink and finish up red!


Crimson-Barberry 4

Barberry (Dwarf)

Crimson Pygmy

Grows 3' Tall & Wide

Red new growth contrast with the mature burgundy leaves.


Lil Miss Sunshine Petit Bleu

Crapemyrtle (Dwarf Varieties)

Enduring Summer White Enduring Summer Red Enduring Summer Pink

A new series of dwarf crapemyrtles, Enduring Summer is compact but with loads of color all summer.

Enduring Summer Pink

Grows 3-4' Tall

Enduring Summer Red

Grows 3-4' Tall

Enduring Summer White

Grows 3-4' Tall

Blue Jangles C

Mophead hydrangeas got their name from the big "mop" of flowers. They prefer light  shade. They are the most popular "family" of hydrangea. They usually bloom in late May from the "old" wood. What makes the Let's Dance Series outstanding is that they rebloom throughout the Summer on the "new" wood. Because of this, you can be assured that they will flower even after a hard Winter. Do not trim them too low to the ground, or you will have fewer flowers next year. They also take the hot summer sun better than most other "mophead" hydrangeas. This is the "family" of hydrangeas that are used for Easter. It is the only "family" that the color can be changed from Pink to Blue by the soil acidity


There are several different "families" of Hydrangea with very different characteristics. We have the 4 commonly cultivated "families" listed below:

Bobo dwarf Little Lime C

Panicle Hydrangea like the full, hot sun. They are extremely hardy & very easy to grow. The old varieties grew to about 8' tall, but we have some new dwarf varieties. Panicle hydrangeas start out with pure white flowers in June to July. The flowers then age to a pink in late summer & finish with bronze, red in the fall. They make excellent dried flowers.

Hydrangea (Snow Ball)

Also called "Annabelle type" these hydrangea like lots of sunlight. This is one of the oldest cultivaed types of hydrangea, but there are some exciting new varieties. They are very hardy and can be trimmed back to the ground.

Wee White

Grows 2' Tall & Wide

With its miniature size, Wee White  does not flop like most snowball hydrangeas. Pure white flowers finish with a pink blush.


Mini Mauvette

Grows 2' Tall & Wide

Two breakthroughs in one plant: The first is a Pink Snowball hydrangea! The second is a miniature that will not flop. It also reblooms very well!



Hydrangea (Oakleaf)

When you see the deeply disected leaves of this "family" of hydrangeas, you will know how it got its name. Oakleaf Hydrangeas prefer partial shade, but will adapt to full sun or full shade. Their flower is alot like the Panicle hydrangea. They are the only family of hydrangeas to get a nice red fall color. They are also the most deer proof of all hydrangeas.

Cytisus-Lena Cytisus All Gold

Scotch Broom

Wow! That's the typical response when a scotch broom is blooming. In May, they're all color. Following their flowers, their stems grow long and look much like an ornamental grass. They grow 4' tall. We recommend a light trim after they bloom.




All Gold


Helmond's Pillar

Helmond's Pillar Barberry

Grows 4.5' Tall & 1.5' Wide



Knockout Roses have totally changed the way we look at roses. No more spraying! They are black spot resistant. On top of that, they bloom all-summer. They are also easier to trim. Just trim them to 18" each Spring with a hedge trimmers. They only grow to 4' Tall & Wide. If you have worn out on roses, try these!

Here is another category of plant that Proven Winners has revived. Spireas are a very hardy plant, but the only bloom for about 6 weeks. Double Play is a new series from Proven Winners that has the hardiness & flowers of the old varieties, but they also have beautiful foliage color. In fact, their foliage is so vibrant that some people plant them more for their foliage than their flower!


Double Play Red

Double Play Red

Grows 3' Tall & Wide

The reddest Spirea we've ever seen! Add burgundy red foliage in the Spring & red new growth in the Summer for a stunning plant.



Little Henry Fall Color C Little Henry C

Little Henry Sweetspire

Fall Color

Grows 3' Tall & Wide

I put 2 photos of this plant in because it has such a great Fall color!

Little Henry Sweetspire

Spring Flowers

A native to this area, sweetspire thrives in full hot sun or in the shade. They  bloom white in the Spring & get lovely fall color. Little Henry is a compact variety that fits in today's gardens. It is one of our top shade plants.

Sonic Bloom Weigela

Weigela are an old favorite of gardeners, but they only bloom once in the Spring.Then, Proven Winners to the rescue. This time it is a reblooming weigela. They bloom in the Spring & then again all summer. They grow 4-5' Tall & Wide. Hummingbirds love them. They are available in 3 colors:


Sonic Pink Sonic Pearl Sonic Red

Sonic Pink


Sonic Pearl


Sonic Red


My Monet

Grows 18" Tall by 24" Wide

A variegated version of the Midnight Wine. Its leaves are light green with a pink & white fringe. Add pink flowers to that for a real winner. This Weigela is so miniature that it requires almost zero pruning.


IMG_0754 IMG_0755 Girard Fushia4 Hino Crimson1

Girard Crimson

Grows 2-3' Tall



Grows 2.5'-3' Tall



Rosy Red

Pugster Blue

Pugster Blue

Grows 2.5' Tall


Grows 4' Tall

Lily1 Sunset PW Pink Double (2)


Pink Double

Grows 2.5'-3' Tall

Pugster White (2)

Pugster White

Grows 2.5' Tall

Pugster Periwinkle

Grows 2.5' Tall

Mini Saffron (2) Mini Salsa


Grows 2' Tall & Wide


Mini Saffron

Grows 1.5' Tall & 2' Wide

Very miniature. This barberry has bright yellow foliage.

Mini Salsa

Grows 2' Tall & Wide

The same color as "Crimson Pygmy" but much more dwarf.

Gold Pillar

Golden Pillar Barberry

Grows 4.5' Tall & 1.5' Wide



Original (7) Bloomstruck (3) Summer Crush (4)

Endless Summer

Endless Summer Hydrangea are our strongest reblooming mophead.

The Original

Grows 3-4' Tall & Wide

The largest flowers of the Endless Summer. A beautiful soft blue that changes well to pink.



Grows 3-4' Tall & Wide

Flowers have a lime "eye" that really pops! Very strong rebloomer. Easily changes to lavender.


Summer Crush

Grows 3-4' Tall & Wide

Finally a endless summer reblooming in a red! New for this year, this is sure to be a hit!

Mini Mauvette Wee White Bloomerang Dark purple

Roses too have several "families".

Knockout Roses


Double Pink Knockout

Grows 3-4' tall & Wide

A beautiful pink that goes well with other plants. A fully double flower for lots of color.



Sunny Knockout

Grows 3-4' tall & Wide

The most fragrant of the knockouts. Flowers start bright yellow and finish white giving a two-tone twist to this knockout.



Coral Knockout

Grows 3-4' tall & Wide

A new color for knockouts. Coral has the coral orange color we've been waiting for!



Drift® Roses are groundcover roses made easy™. From the makers of Knockout, they were bred to be short & spreading. They bloom from spring to frost without a lot of work from you.

Drift Roses

Drift Pink (2) White Drift (2) Drift Red (2) Coral Drift

Coral Drift

Grows 18" tall & 36" Wide

Bright coral double flowers make this spreading rose pop!


Pink Drift

Grows 18" tall & 36" Wide

Bright Pink flowers have a white halo and a yellow center giving a multi-color effect.


Red Drift

Grows 18" tall & 36" Wide

Double red flowers cover this plant with color. Customer favorite.


White Drift

Grows 18" tall & 36" Wide

Pure white double flowers contrast well with other colors in this series.


We also have Hybrid Tea & David Austin Roses.

Because they are seasonally available, we recommend that you please stop by or call to see what is in stock.


IMG_4223 IMG_4221 Spilled Wine Midnight Wine

Enjoy some bright landscape color, that will be sure to atract attention. Now available in rich deep red, vivid orange or bright yellow colors. Barberries do have small thorns, which can be a good thing to keep pets out of an area or under a window for added security. There are new dwarf varieties and also formal columnar varieties.

A Butterfly Magnet! This strong, compact variety is a much improved plant . Flowers all summer. Grows 3' Tall.

Barberry (Columnar)

Orange Rocket Concorde Pugster Periwinkle

Orange Rocket

Grows 4.5' Tall & 1.5' Wide