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Green Velvet

Grows 30" Tall & Wide

Our favorite round boxwood! Green Velvet keeps its deep green color the best & has a nice compact habit.


Dwarf Cypress

Kosteri Hinoki Cypress

Grows up to 5' Tall

One of the best dwarf green Hinoki Cypress. The foliage grows in fans which give it its own character. Very slow growing.


Gold Thread Cypress

Grows 3' Tall

Add some color to your landscape with thisevergreen thread cypress. Its gold color is most vibrant in full sun, but it tolerates shade well. Contrasts nicely with blues & greens.


Laurel (Dwarf Variety)

Cherry Laurel

Grows 3' Tall & Wide

Although it gets a small white flower in the Spring, Cherry Laurel are prized for the foliage. Deep green leaves all year round. Cherry Laurel is a slower grower that requires very low maintenance.


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Small Evergreens

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Variegated Suffruiticosa 2 Green Mountain

Dwarf English Boxwood

Grows 18" Tall & Wide

Our Smallest boxwood. Dwarf English is virtually maintenace free!


Variegated Boxwood

Grows 4" Tall by 3' Wide

Add some color with this beauty. The Variegated Boxwood can easily be trimmed to keep it rounded.


Green Mountain Boxwood

Grows 4" Tall by 3' Wide

The best of the pyramidal boxwoods! Green Mountain keeps its deep green color all Winter.


Green Velvet Boxwood 1 Katsura C Flaming Silver

Japanese Japonica

Flaming Silver

Grows 4-5' Tall & Wide

A Variegated Japonica with bright red new growth.



Grows 4-5' Tall & Wide

A newer variety of Japaonica that has the deepest red foliage ever.


Sky Pencil holly-hoogendorn-300 Bush Steeds Blue Princess 2

Holly (Red Berry)

Russian Cypress

Dainty Doll Gold Thread Butter Ball Kosteri

Dainty Doll Hinoki Cypress

Grows up to 3-4' Tall

A very dwarf green Hinoki Cypress. The foliage grows in fans which give it its own character. Very slow growing.


Butter Ball Hinoki Cypress

Grows up to 2-3' Tall

A cute little Hinoki Cypress with a lovely gold foliage. Like other Hinoki cypress, Butter Ball has its own unique habit. A very slow growing variety that should not be trimmed.



Blue Star

Grows 18" Tall by 24" Wide

Blue Star is mounded rather than spreading. A very popular, compact Juniper with a rich blue color year round. Very hardy.


Blue star Juniper Blue Pacific Blue Rug 2 Blue Rug 3

Bar Habor

Grows 6" Tall by 3' Wide

A newer juniper that is very much like the popular Blue Rug, but is a fuller plant. It could become a replacement to Blue Rug.


Blue Rug

Grows 6" Tall by 3' Wide

A very popular Juniper for covering hillsides. As with all junipers, we recommend planting them at the top of the hill because they tend to"run" down the hill.

Blue Pacific

Grows 6" Tall by 3' Wide

Another Juniper that is popular for covering hillsides. Although it has blue in its name, Blue Pacific is really more of a green. It forms a thicker carpet than Blue Rug.

 When we think of Holly bushes, we usually think of red berries. But there are several different types of Holly, and even "False Holly" So we seperated them into groups to make it easier to understand.

Blue Prince/Princess

Grows up to 4-5' Tall

Blue Princess gets lots of bright red berries. Its dark blue/greenn foliage contrast very nicely with its berries. This is the type of holly that you WILL need a pollinator to get the berries.


Holly (Japanese Types)

Japanese holly have very small leaves compared to the "berry hollies". They too get a berry, but it is a very insignificant black one. They are prized more for their foliage which can look alot like a boxwood. They require very little maintenance to keep their shape.


Grows 2-3' Tall by 3' Wide

Hoogendorn looks almost identical to a boxwood. It is becoming more popular as boxwood blight continues to threaten the East Coast.


Sky Pencil

Grows 4-5' Tall by 2' Wide

A tall, upright variety of Japanese Holly, Sky Pencil is very popular in a formal garden and for flanking a doorway or steps.



Grows 5-6' Tall by 3-4' Wide

A pyramidal form of Japanese Holly that requires low maintenance. A good foundation plant.


Holly (Inkberry Types)

Shamrock 2

Compact Inkberry Holly

Grows 4' Tall & Wide

A native holly that like the Japanese holly gets an inconspicuous black berry. It keeps its deep green color very well. It also tolerates wet soils. Its leaves are mid size compared to the other hollies.


Spruce (Dwarf Varieties)

Mountain Fire

Grows 4-5' Tall & Wide

The most popular variety of japonica. Mountain Fire has birght red new growth & deep evergreen foliage.


Celtic Pride

Pines (Dwarf Varieties)

slowmound Blue Shag Globosa Little Gem 1

Slowmound Mugo Pine

Grows 2' Tall by 3' Wide

Our favorite Mugo Pine! Slowmound is a miniature variety with interesting brown shoots that turn into new needles.


Blue Shag Dwarf Pine

Grows 3' Tall by 3' Wide

A dwarf pine with the silvery blue/green needles of a white pine. Like all pines, Blue Shag is very hardy & easy to grow.


Celtic Pride Russian Cypress

Grows 8" Tall by 4' Wide

Like the Blue Rug Juniper, Celtic Pride is excellent for covering a bank. Celtic pride is an improved variety that does not die out in the center when it gets old. In the fall/winter it turns to a burgundy/bronze color.


Little Gem Dwarf Spruce

Grows 2' Tall by 3' Wide

A very miniature spruce, Little Gem requires no pruning at all. The new growth is a light green each Spring, then changes to a deep green as it matures in the Summer.


Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

Grows 3' Tall by 3' Wide

A deeper blue than a Colorada Blue Spruce, Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce can rightfully brag about its color. A soft blue in Spring that deepens in the Summer. It naturally grows in a rounded shape, but can be trimmed to make it symmetrical.