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Ice Melt

We have semi loads of salt in stock! We have 3 different types for all your needs.

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American rock salt, mined in New York continues to be our most popular option. A very economical choice for large asphalt driveways. Rock slt melts down to 20 Degrees.

IMG_3799 American Ice_Defense_d30d3654a2e9d159ca2ae2c98e6db7a1 Winter_Blast_Winter_Blast

Winter Blast is a salt product that is coated with CMA (a calcium Magnesium blend). This makes ice melt in much colder temperatures. It melts to -20 Degrees. it is colored blue so you can see where it is spread.

Ice Defense (A Calcium melter) is an environmentally friendly melter. It is also safer for concrete walks. It also works the best when it is cold because it melts to -25 Degrees.

Hallmark wood pellets are a very economical choice. Priced at only $219 per ton, they are a very good value. As good as "box store" brands, but at considerable savings.

Hardwood Heat (Hamer Hot Ones) pellets are one of the best pellets on the market. Although they are not quite as well known, those who try them always come back for more. $249 per ton.