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Deutschland Fanal




Evergold Sedge


Attracts Butterflies


Evergold Sedge

Japanese Blood Grass


Attracts Butterflies


Japanese Blood Grass

Karl Foerster Feather Read Grass


Attracts Butterflies


Karl Foerster Feather Read Grass

Maiden Grass Gracillimus


Attracts Butterflies


Speedwell Veronica

Enchanted Indigo


Attracts Butterflies


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When you buy perennials at Nolt’s, you are buying a locally grown, climate adjusted plant. That’s because we grow 90% of our own perennials. Because we plant them in the fall, they have already grown through a Winter. This assures you a healthy plant. Here is a listing of our most popular shade perennials. If you can't find what you are looking for, please give us a call because this is not a complete list!

Grasses (Tall)

Perennials for Shade

Astilbe are a very hardy and easy-to-grow perennial. Lacy green foliage emerges in April, followed by lots of flowers in June. One interesting thing about astilbe is that they thrive in full sun or shade.

Grow to 16" tall

Bleeding Heart

Although Bleeding Heart is a delicate looking plant, it is actually vey hardy. It is an early perennial, often in full bloom by late May. The delicate heart shaped flowers last for over a month and make a great cut flower. Bleeding Heart can take a lot of sunshine, but when it gets more than half the day in sunshine, its foliage tends to wither.

Grows 24-30" tall

Spectabilis Alba Valentine

"Old Fashion" Pink

Valentine Red

Alba White

Coral Bells

Coral Bells got their name from the coral bell flowers that they give in June to July. Now they are grown more for their foliage color than their flowers. Although their vibrant colors bring life to shade gardens, they do well in full sun too.

Grows to 12" tall by 18" Wide

Black-Pearl Silver Gumdrop

Pretty Pistachio

Black Pearl

Wild Rose

Silver Gumdrop

Black Taffeta 2 Fire Alarm 1 Paprika


Black Taffeta

Fire Alarm

Perennial Ferns

No shade garden would be complete without ferns. Their elegant foliage adds a  delicate touch. We have several varieties. Here are our most popular.

Japanese Painted Fern S

Ostrich Fern

Grows 24" Tall by 36" Wide

Japanese Painted Fern

Grows 14" Tall by 18" Wide

Autumn Brilliance

Grows 24" Tall by 30" Wide



Hosta are the big player in shade gardens. They come in many different colors and different sizes. When you add heavily textured leaves and lavender flowers it is no surprise that Hosta are a collector's item. Best of all, they are very hardy and easy-to-grow. We divided them according to size. There are so many kinds of hosta that we cannot list them all. This is only a sampling of what we grow!


Small Grows 7-10 " tall

Blue Mouse Ears Diamonds are Forever

Blue Mouse Ears

Rainforest Sunrise

Diamonds are Forever

Medium Grows 11-18" tall

Autumn Frost 2 Blue-Ivory June Loyalist Minuteman Stained Glass


Autumn Frost

Blue Ivory


Stained Glass


Large Grows 19-28" tall

Patriot 3 Brother Stefan

Giant Grows 28-40" tall

Earth Angel C Empress Wu Coast to Coast

Brother Stephan



Seducer C

Empress Wu

Coast to Coast

Earth Angel

Wild Rose (1) Pretty Pistachio (1) Heuchera-Red-Lightning-5

Red Lightning

Rainforest-Sunrise Heuchera 'Mahogany Monster' PPAF CPBRAF 0000 high res Caramel (2)

Mahogany Monster


Dryopteris erythrosora 'Brilliance' 0001 high res Matteuccia struthiopteris 0001 high res