Nolt’s Garden Center – Gardening | Lebanon, PA
Nolt’s Garden Center – Gardening | Lebanon, PA

When forsythia start to bloom, you know thatSpring is here. And look at the foliage on these Big Bang Spirea! Such vibrant Spring color. We have miniature specimen evergreens arriving daily. Stop by to see what's new.

IMG_3263 IMG_3266 IMG_3262

Spring trees are blooming too! Magnolia & Cherries are in their prime. Aren't these Weeping White Cherry lovely?

Spring Shrubbery

Hello Spring

What says Spring like pansies? They are the perfect plant for this time of year. Their cheery colors brighten our homes even when it's still cold. We have a great selection to choose from. We keep them cool so they are well adjusted to outdoor temperatures and ready to plant.


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IMG_0532 Pansy Yellow Blotch Pansy Purple Pansy Purple 2
Cool Wave Yellow (5)

Have you tried the new Cool Wave Pansy? Instead of growing tall and leggy, they spread out more like a petunia. We love them everywhere we plant them: in planters, in flowerbeds, or just by themselves in the house. Checkout all the colors available.

Cool Wave Violet Wing S Cool Wave Yellow S Cool Wave Sunshine n Wine Bloom Cool Wave Morpho Pansy Raspberry Pansy Wonderfall Wonderfall Blue Blotch

Cool Wave Pansy

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