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Bark Mulches

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Enhanced Triple $28

A dark brown mulch a lot like the Premium Double, but with 1/3 Organic Compost. This mulch feeds you plants the best!

Premium Double $25

A medium brown mulch made from 100% double ground bark. Good for you plants. Creates a tight carpet that prevents weeds and does not wash away.

Alleghany 3" $67

Organic Compost $26

A blend of cow & chicken manure mixed with leaf compost. Our compost is screened to provide consistency. Can also be used as a mulch. Our compost contains no sludge!

Screened Topsoil $24.50

Perfect for fine grading and seeding grass. We mix 20% compost in with our topsoil to add nutrients for plants and to keep it from getting hard. We are careful to use pure topsoil, not subsoil.

Decorative Gravel

Alleghany 3/4" $55

Alleghany 3/8" $60

Alleghany 6" $69

Maryland 3/4" $60

Rustic Red 3/8" $59

Colonial Black $27

Chocolate Brown $27

Country Red $29

Quarry Stones

2-A Modified $20

This stone is also called "Crusher Run" because it has all pieces in it just as it is when it comes out of the crusher: pieces up 1" big and down to fine stone dust. This makes it pack very well. Used as a base for driveways & pavers.

2-B Clean Stone $21.50

This stone is processed through a 3/4" screen to take the fine stone out. This makes it perfect for drainage. Used behind retaining walls or in a thin layer to freshen up driveways.

Contractor Sand $39.50

A screened sand to remove the gravel. Great for the sand box & as a bedding layer beneath pavers. This is NOT a Mason Sand for making concrete.

Stone Dust $21

Also called "Screenings", this product is what is left after all the big stone is screened out. It gets hard if it is packed and made wet. Great for making pathways.


How much mulch do I need?

Each scoop of mulch is 21 Cubic Feet or a ¾ Cubic Yard. With mulch, this will cover an area 10ft. X 12 ft. at 2”. For decorative gravel, we recommend going 3” thick. So, it will cover an are 10ft. by 8ft. at 3” thick.



You can pickup with your own truck anytime, or we can deliver for you. The local delivery fee is $24. We like for you to schedule you mulch at least 48 hours ahead of when you want it delivered.


Mulch Quantity discounts per scoop:

6 or more: $1 Off    12 or more: $2 Off    21 or more: $3 Off


Bark mulches are made from the bark of the tree. They are a natural mulch without any dyes. Instead they get their color from composting. Because of this, they will continue to compost on your flowerbeds, feeding your plants. Our mulch contains no mushroom soil or other fillers. If you like to mulch thick to keep down the weeds and yet not have the mulch “stack-up”, you will like a bark mulch.

Mulch, Soil, & Gravel

Dyed mulches are known for holding their color the best. They also give a very finished look to the flowerbed. However, because they do not compost, they do not feed the plants and can “stack-up” if mulched too heavily. If you like to just freshen up your beds with a light cover of mulch, you will like a dyed mulch.

Dyed Wood Mulches

Soil & Compost

Enhanced Triple Premium Bark Chocolate Brown Colonial Black Organic Compost Screened Topsoil 2-A Modified 2-B Clean Stone Contractor Sand Stone Dust Alleghany 3'' Alleghany 3l4'' Alleghany 3l8'' Alleghany 6'' Maryland 3.4'' Rustic Red 3.8''

Rustic Red 3/4" $59

Call us to schedule your delivery:


Quarry Stone Quantity Discount per Scoop:

4 or more: $3 Off      8 or more: $4 Off    24 or more: $6.5 Off

Decorative Stone Quantity Discount per Scoop:

4 or more: $3 Off      8 or more: $6 Off    24 or more: $10 Off

Rustic Red 3.4 Black Bark (3)

Jet Black Bark $29

NEW! Just like our Premium Bark mulch, but made black with a natural dye. Get the benefits of a bark mulch in a

long-lasting black!

Chestnut Brown Bark $29

NEW! Just like our Premium Bark mulch, but it does not fade out!

A natural brown dye keeps it a beautiful dark brown all season.

Chestnut Brown Country Red Playground

Playground Mulch

Our Certified Playground Mulch is a natural wood mulch without any dyes. It is chipped courser to make it last longer.

Playground $27