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Green Giant Arb

Grows 35' Tall by 12' Wide

Green Giant has claimed its fame as a replacement for Leyland Cypress. It is extremley Winter hardy. A fast growing evergreen that will screen quickly. Very durable.



Green Giant Arb

Horstman Dwarf Blue Atlas Cedar

Grows 10' Tall by 4' Wide

Beautiful steel blue needles make this specimen stand out. The airy spacing of this plant give it character of its own. A beautiful center piece, this plant contrasts nicely with any stonework.


Weeping Alaskan Cedar

Grows 20' Tall by 12' Wide

One of the most popular of weeping evergreens, the Weeping Alaskan Cedar deserves attention. Its irregular weeping branches give it its own character. It does grow bigger than some, but fits nicely at the corner of a 2 story house. It also works well as a center piece in a landscaping bed.


Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

Grows 5-8' Tall by 4-8' Wide

This popular weeping variety of the Blue Atlas Cedar can fit into nearly any garden. Its weeping habit can be trained to keep it compact or can be staked up to give it height and spread. As with any weeping evergreen, it can be trained like you want it to grow. Perfect as a specimen or beside a watergarden.



Soft Serve Cypress

Grows 8' Tall by 4' Wide

A sport of Boulevard, Soft Serve has earn a reputation for being nearly maintenance free. Its deep green foliage contrast nicely with blues, golds, & burgundy. Unlike some cypress, it is very Winter hardy.


Soft Serve


Baby Blue Spruce

Grows 20' Tall by 8' Wide

This is an improved version of the Colorada Blue Spruce. Not only is it a true blue, it is also more compact. Great as a specimen or as a screening.


Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Grows 6-8' Tall by 3' Wide

"Symmetrically pyramidal" well describes the Dwarf Alberta Spruce. It is a slow grower that needs very little trimming or care. Because it grows slow, it is used widely in spirals & topiaries.


Norway Spruce

Grows 50' Tall by 20' Wide

To put it simply, Norway Spruce is just a good evergreen tree. Used alot as a Christmas tree, it also works well for hedges & single plantings. Unlike the Douglas fir, it is very disease resistant and trouble free.


Norway Spruce

Weeping White Spruce


Attracts Butterflies


Weeping White Spruce 2

Double Play Pink


Attracts Butterflies


Double Play Pink


Midnight Wine


Attracts Butterflies


Midnight Wine

My Monet


Attracts Butterflies


Midnight Wine

Spilled Wine


Attracts Butterflies


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Need to screen off your neighbor’s house? We have a great selection of evergreens. We stock locally grown Hemlock, Spruce, & Pine. We also specialize in specimen evergreens. But, specimen evergreens don’t have to be green. We have them in Blue, Gold, & White too. Make a statement with a beautiful weeping Alaskan Cedar. Or add some color with a Weeping Blue Spruce.

Emerald Green Arborvitae

Grows 18' Tall by 5' Wide

The most popular Arborvitae period. Emerald's narrow tight form can be used to make a hedge without using up alot of yard space.  


Weeping Alaskan Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar Dwarf Alberta The Blues Weeping White Spruce 2 Eastern White pine Thunderhead Japanese White Pine 2 Vanderwolf Weeping White Pine 1


Eastern White Pine

Grows 50' Tall by 20' Wide

A fast growing evergreen with very soft needles. White pine tends to have an airy habit when compared to spruces. They grow well in the shade of a large tree. It also does well in wet areas. White pines shed their needles every fall.


Japanese White Pine

Grows 12-15' Tall by 6-8' Wide

Beautiful steel blue needles and a very airy habit make this pine distinguished. Its compact size make it fit well on the corner of a house or as a specimen in the landscape.



Thunderhead Japanese Pine

Grows 8' Tall by 5-6' Wide

Maybe more of a large bush, this dwarf Japanese pine adds some character to any garden. In the Spring, it gets a tall white candle. Its needles are long and stand straight off the branches giving it a full look. Looks teriffic against stonework or a log home.


Vanderwolf Pyramid Pine

Grows 15-20' Tall by 6-12' Wide

The steel blue needles of this pine set it apart. Although its habit is much like the White Pine, it is more compact. As with all pines, it is very hardy. A slight trimming when it is young helps to keep the pyramidal shape to it.


Weeping White Pine

Grows 8-12' Tall by 6-10' Wide

If you have room for a large specimen, but don't want too much height, this could be for you. It has gracefully weeping branches of soft pine needles. As with any weeping evergreen, it can be trained like you want it to grow. Give it some room. It is in the white pine family and will grow.


Weeping White Spruce

Grows 6-15' Tall by 3-5' Wide

A striking centerpiece! Weeping White Spruce consistently grows very straight with symmetrically weeping branches.  Its narrow upright form fits in gardens that many others won't. The good thing about it is that you can control its height by topping it.


The Blues Weeping Blue Spruce

Grows 5-10' Tall by 3-5' Wide

Finally, a weeping Spruce in a striking blue color! The Weeping Blue Spruce has a graceful weeping habit. A little more informal than the straight Weeping white Spruce, the Weeping Blue Spruce tends to develop its own serpentine upward habit.


Baby Blue Spruce

Leyland Cypress

We no longer stock Leyland Cypress because they are not reliably hardy in a cold winter. Instead, we do the Green Giant Arborvitae. They look almost identical and are much hardier.


Douglas Fir

We no longer stock Douglas Fir because of a fungus that makes them loose their needles. For a replacement, we suggest Norway Spruce.


Large Evergreen Shrubs

Emerald Horstman Golden Hinoki Aurea