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How to Seed a New Lawn

Seeding a new lawn is work.

Do it right. You don't want to do it twice!

Lawn Matting Lawn Grass EZ Straw 2 Straw mat Organic Compost Screened Topsoil

1. Pepare your soil.

Our screened topsoil is perfect for getting a level yard. It does not have rocks or roots in it and is easy to rake. It also has some compost in it to keep it loose. If you have enough of topsoil, it is a good idea to mix in some compost to it. This will add nutrient to the soil and keep it loose.

Screened Topsoil


Organic Compost


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2. Spread the Grass Seed.


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Covering the seed is very important because this helps to keep moisture there. By covering the seed, you get much better germination of the seed. For flat areas, we recommend the Straw Tack Sak. This is chopped straw in a bag. It is important to used chopped straw because long/thick straw can choke out newly planted grass. Straw Tack Sak also has a little bit of tak with it. When it gets watered the first time, it will stick together to keep the straw from blowing around the neighborhood. 1 bag of Straw Tack Sak will cover 500 sq. ft.



If you have steep slopes that will wash, we recommend straw matting. This will keep the seed in place and provide moisture cover. Once the grass comes up, it disintegrates in 90 days.

Before: Slope with straw matting


After: Beautiful Green Grass



3. Cover the Seed.


Chapin Spreader 2