Hot Pepper Plants in Lebanon, PA Gardening
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Hot Pepper Plants


There is no better way to know where your food is coming from than to grow it yourself. We have what you need whether you want to grow organic or traditional. We offer most vegetable plants in a 4" pot. This size starts quickly and is easy to grow. All of our vegetable plants & herbs are grown locally. Because vegetables are season, please stop by to see what varieties we have in stock.


Hot Peppers:


Poblano Ancho               800SC (mildest)                  

Hungarian Hot Wax        2,000-4,000SC

Cayenne                2,000-4,000SC

Cherry Bomb          2,500-5,000SC

Jalapeno              3,500-6,000SC

Tabasco           30,000-50,000SC

Thai Hot                       80,000SC

Scotch Bonnet     100,000-200,000SC

Habanero     200,000-300,000SC

Ghost                1,000,000+ SC

Scorpion      2,200,000SC (Hottest)