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Fruit Trees


There is no better way to know where your food is coming from than to grow it yourself. We have what you need wether you want to grow organic or traditional. We offer a 5 gallon container. This size starts quickly and is easy to grow.  We also can get you advice on caring for your tree & how to keep the fruit looking good. All the varieties mared with SP are self-pollinating and do not need another variety to bear fruit. Because fruit trees are seasonal, please stop by to see what varieties we have in stock.  



Apricot Trees:

Moorepark - SP


Apple Trees:


Gala - SP

Garden Delicious - SP

Granny Smith



McIntosh - SP

Red Delicious

Golden Delicious - SP


Cherry Trees:


Stella - SP

Montmorency (Sour) - SP


Nectarine Trees:

Red Gold - SP


Peach Trees:

Belle of Georgia

Cresthaven - SP

Loring - SP


Plum Trees:

Santa Rosa - SP


Pear Trees:


Kieffer - SP


Seckel - SP