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The new waterfalls that we installed for this year!

logo Pond Pumps

We love ponds just like you do! From the beginning of our business, we majored in ponds. We stock a full line of Aquascape products. Pumps, hoses, filters, & algae control, we have what it takes to keep your pond running smoothly.

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Koi & Goldfish

Check out our selection of fish. To make sure we only sell great fish, we only sell locally grown fish from Pennsylvania. We have 2 sizes of Goldfish & several sizes of Koi, We have both standard japanese Koi & the butterfly Koi.



Pond Water Lily 2

Water Plants!

We have several different colors of water lilies: Red, Pink, Yellow, & White. We also stock marginal water plants & floating pond plants.

Pond Toucan Spitter

Water Spitters!